Visual Content Management

  • built-in speed optimization
  • worry-free hosting
  • advanced dev tools
  • e-commerce
  • SEO tools
  • social sharing
  • and more

In the early 2000's we developed what today is referred to as a CMS, long before Wordpress or Joomla. In 2008, we revolutionized the way website content and functionality were managed by shifting away from making changes in a textbox, to editing content on the real website. Being able to browse your live website and make inline edits was a game changer.

In 2016, finishing touches to a completely revamped platform finished after several years of development. This new platform builds on top of previous features and incorporates all the advantages of modern web browsers and HTML5. For the first time ever, it allows for nearly all site maintenance to be made visually on the website rather than in a control panel.

With this newest release, we were so excited to share this version of the platform that we gave it a brand of its own (OcularCMS®) and opened it up for anyone to easily build a site for themselves or their clients.

visit OcularCMS® for details and a demo