JellyNeck Solutions Client Testimonials

CJ's work has been tremendous, and the personal insight he offers has been extremely helpful as my new website develops. I highly recommend the services of both him, and his company.
Jeffrey Bunn, The Mindful Law Coaching & Consulting Group, LLC
I hit the website designer jackpot. My knowledge in this area is at about the first grade level. I’m positive CJ had no idea what he was getting into when he took me on as a client. We talked on the phone and exchanged emails several times as he held my hand and guided me through the process. His patience was unlimited! And bonus, he genuinely cared. But the thing that impressed me the most was his expertise in website design. He really knows his stuff. For me, he nailed it! I am so impressed with my new website.
Joann Dobbie, Executive Book Coach
I highly recommend CJ for web development! I have a new website (as of 10/17) that I'm thrilled with and the process of planning and implementation could not have been more professional and streamlined. CJ gave me great embedded SEO tips and quickly designed a clean and well conceived site that reflects what I wanted in a new site. His prices and options are right! I'm happy to talk to anyone, email or phone, about CJ and Jellyneck and again, I recommend his professional services for website development.
Michael Mannis, Chicago Personal Injury Attorney

After having my website of 8 years get hacked twice, I was frustrated and wanted a fix. My site was hosted by a large abstract entity on the web, where I never met with or even talked to a human being to help me with the problem and had a developer/designer who refused to talk to me (even though I was more than happy to pay for the time) I decided I wanted to work with a different business model. Jellyneck Solutions helped me to develop a new site and has managed the hosting well.
Julia Bunn, Spirited Gardener
When I started my own business I knew I needed a website. I developed my own and it was okay but it needed to be better. I enlisted CJ's services and it was not only up and running in less than 2 weeks but it was improved. It now had integration with social media and search engine optimization, adding new content for blogging is easy. I highly recommend CJ, his service and support are top-notch.
Sheryl Mooney
CJ is the absolute best. He's done a fabulous job with my website. He took an existing site that had many problems and recreated a site that has been trouble free. CJ's navigation system is brilliant! CJ is great about maintenance and, whenever I have a request for a change or addition to a page on my site, he complies immediately. It is a pleasure to do business with CJ Jelinek I highly recommend JellyNeck Solutions.
Elaine Harrison, Lucky Duck Publishing
CJ, helped me initiate my website and did a great job. Very responsive customer service wise as well as getting things done quickly as far as changes, upgrades, etc. Also cost effective and helpful via networking. I would recommend CJ to anyone starting or revamping their website.
Charlie Stewart, The Stewart Insurance and Financial Services Agency
CJ updated and re-branded our organization's website and it looks great. He made it very easy to use and update on the staff end and our number of clients have increased since the update. Would recommend CJ to others.
Derick Anderson-Northside Community Development Corporation
CJ is a fantastic web developer that walked us through the process of creating a site with a new look for an old organization. I am delighted with the results and CJ's process and would highly recommend his work.
Shalom Klein-Jewish Community Council of West Rogers Park
I would highly recommend CJ for anyone seeking a new website for their business or advice on a current one. CJ is very knowledgeable and will get to know his clients on a one-to-one basis. In addition, he offers ongoing support and provides affordability and excellent quality, as well.
Alan Zemsky
I am a realtor and recently had my own website built, something I have been contemplating doing for a while. After much talking and comparing I decided on JellyNeck Solutions. CJ Jelinek, the owner was very easy to work with and has a broad range of custom and non-custom options to choose from at affordable prices. Once I got my domain name and the IDX account set up, the actual website was built in about two weeks. I can make ongoing changes to my website with the user friendly "back end" component of their system. They also have their own website maintenance and technical back-up team for issues that are beyond my expertise. Additionally, they provide the hosting of the website. I would recommend CJ and JellyNeck Solutions for anyone desiring a custom or non-custom website with a user friendly "back end" for making changes on your own.
Jeff Linton-Realtor
Our web site (Door Distributors, Inc) was put together a bunch of years ago and looked pretty drab so I called my web host and asked for an approx. cost on updating and adding a few more pages. They recommended a company that they work with; however, upon contacting them, I had an uneasy feeling since they offered a reason price for a five page layout. Since I wanted a seven page layout, they would only do the five and strongly suggested that I could easily do the additional two on my own. I didn't like this and did a web search on them and found some pretty unhappy former clients.

I asked my son what he thought about me using an off the shelf package and he felt it really was not a good idea. He suggested using a friend of his but his friend only did high end ($10,000 plus) sites. This friend recommended JellyNeck Solutions.

JellyNeck did an amazing job.

I provided the content and pictures and CJ did the rest. He laid out the schedule and followed it without exception. Every email was promptly answered and every scheduled call was on time. He even assisted in getting my domain name moved seamlessly.

I recommend his work without reservation.
Gene Eleveld-Door Distributors, Inc
CJ developed my website after I had it done 5 times previously. It is outstanding and has been very easy to manage and make changes when necessary. He is reliable and very thorough. Thanks so much.
Dr. Cheryl Perlis-Perlis Wellness Center
I hired CJ to create a website for my new mediation business, and he did an excellent job. CJ had my website live within two weeks. I was really impressed with how easy his platform is to use. He iss always polite, easy to work with, and very responsive to any questions/requests. I highly recommend him!
Jennifer LaDuke-Convergence Mediation
CJ is a knowledgeable professional who works well with start up business owners. He interpreted my brand exceedingly well and designed a beautiful, functional, productive website for me. His calm demeanor helped me stay focused throughout the process. He was highly recommended to me and I will highly recommend him to others.
Jill Brown-Chicago Choice Ceremonies
You did an awesome job with the website and I love it. Thank you for all of your patience, your time, your understanding and your creativity. I am very pleased and everyone at the office is very impressed as well.
Terry Philips-Coldwell Banker
Need someone that's willing to support your web design and coding project regardless of the stage you're in? CJ was one of the only expert designers/programmers that was willing to support our effort at a reasonable cost. And, we needed results quickly. He delivered flawlessly, and today, we continue to use CJ's web management services, and highly recommend his services.
Ryan Burge-The Boulevard Consulting Group
CJ designed a beautiful, easy-to-navigate, website for my personal business. Through the use of his detailed questionnaire, he discerned what I liked and disliked, and put together something that was even better than my dreams and expectations. I appreciate and am grateful for his professionalism, creativity, and knowledge. I'd recommend his services to anyone.
Roseann Magda, LMT, ATP
CJ is extremely patient with a "novice" such as myself and has helped me develop a cutting edge Luxury based website. I am so excited about this custom site and I am extremely grateful for CJ's assistance and professionalism. He is truly wonderful and I want everyone to use him for their web design needs!
Charles Barenbrugge-Luxicrat LLC
CJ and I teamed up perfectly to create a "heavenly site" that "sells like hell" for my company, Ardito Creative Enterprises. CJ is first and foremost a consumate professional who knows his craft and applies it with meticulous attention to every detail. He's the only quadruple hitter I know: consultant, designer, programmer, and web hoster rolled into one. And what's the icing on the cake? His pricing is very reasonable. I could not recommend using him more highly.
Jim Ardito-Ardito Creative Enterprises
We greatly appreciate everything CJ Jelinek has done to improve our agency's website. Before he was hired, our website looked like something from two decades ago, seriously. We love our new website and we continue to receive top-notch service from CJ.
Jennifer Caruso-Northside Community Resources
I hired CJ Jelinek as part of a team to re-vamp my website in anticipation of a total re-packaging and re-positioning of my business. The web infrastructure he created and the tools he provided have made an enormous difference in how well the site has been accepted and how easily it is to maintain. He was the very essence of "underpromise" and "overdeliver" every step of the way and has provided tremendous value.. You would be wise to consider CJ and his firm, JellyNeck Solutions when consider a website upgrade.
Lonnie Sciambi-The Small Business Force
CJ is a great development partner as he not only knows his stuff technically, but can easily articulate and guide us as to where our design may need to be tweaked in order to translate better and seamlessly integrate with the Internet. His grounded nature makes him ideal for working with clients of all communication styles. I highly recommend him.
Rose Mulroney-Black Jade Creative
We were lucky to run into CJ at a neighborhood business networking event. We were in the market for a new website and met him at the perfect time. CJ was good at explaining web concepts we didn't understand. He was easy to work with and took our old website and transformed it into something that is not only a beautiful design, but now a real business and marketing tool. I highly recommend his work.
Nancy Backas-Gold'N Pear Catering
CJ is a celebrity within the networking world. I am very intimidated by web designers and have been ripped off numerous times in the past. CJ was very patient, explained how his company works, and provided an excellent web site on a timely basis.
Mason Cole-Cole Sadkin, LLC
CJ's knowledge of SEO is what convinced me to hire him. He immediately gave me a technology platform upgrade from the provider I was using (who has a national footprint). He continues to show new features as a I progress in my use of the web.
James Brewer-Envision Wealth Architects
I hired CJ to build a specialized commercial real estate site for subleasing offices in the Loop -- CJ did an excellent job! He listened to my business requirements and then created a site that had all of the functionality I needed at a VERY reasonable cost. The best thing was that he got the site up on time despite a very busy schedule on my part. He was willing to hold review calls in the morning and evening to make sure this project hit the deadline.

I will also say that I chose to save on the cost and use one of CJ's many pre-existing templates (all of which look very professional). Because legal-lease is a bit different from a traditional real estate listing site, CJ was willing to do a little custom design work at no additional cost.

I have no doubt in my mind that if this site is successful, I will utilize CJ to do a custom designed site.
Tim Ryan-Commercial Real Estate Broker
CJ did a great job on our website at a very reasonable cost. He was very responsive and took the materials I provided to him and designed an excellent website. He was timely, competent and easy to work with.
Paul Anderson-The Anderson Law Firm, LLC
CJ has been a great resource. His knowledge base is fantastic allowing me to trust in his product from start to finish, handing over my entire web presence to Jellyneck Solutions. CJ took the time to intimately understand my business and the goals we had in mind. The result, a customized, turn-key website right off the bat! I would use CJ again and recommend him highly. In addition, after the sale was complete he continues to be a resource who is just a phone call or e-mail away, lending his expertise to my inquiry.
Brooks Washburn-Quell Corporation
When I needed a new business card that communicated what my company does, CJ delivered a gorgeous and effective graphic, simply and intuitively. When I needed a new web site, CJ delivered that in the same way. His understanding of the brick-and-mortar needs of small business, in addition to his patience in "extracting information" about what our goals have been, absolutely helped accomplish his task regarding the added and critical layer of online presence for Solstice Stained Glass. I strongly recommend CJ to anyone in need of these services.
Emily Carlson-Solstice Art Source
CJ is highly professional, extremely knowledgeable, thoroughly reliable and responsive. I recommend CJ without qualification.
Ed Nichols-Uptime Fleet Services
I am happy to recommend CJ Jelinek at JellyNeck Solutions for his work as a web designer. CJ discussed my needs, described what I would need and what he would do for me. He then delivered all of that and more and did it well within the time he stated it might take. The fee for the quality of work delivered was very reasonable.
Howard Abell-Keller Williams
CJ is a true professional that quickly turned our thoughts into reality. He managed to make the complex easy to understand. Our corporate website was stale and unimpressive. We now look as professional on the internet as we do in person! Thanks CJ.
Jim DeRose-Max Resources, Inc.
I hired CJ to work with our designer to build our redesigned website on his CMS. His turn around time was fast and he took the time to make sure we know how to maintain the site on our own. He was able to resolve a thorny (for us) problem: how to display our webinars on two web sites--without having to input the info twice. His prices were very affordable. I'd recommend CJ's services to any small business owner.
Steve Frederick-1 on 1 Career Coach
It has been a good fortune to know CJ in both a personal and a professional capacity for many years. I have always respected his leadership technical capacity and judgment in every work he did for me and my clients. CJ is very well respected in the industry and someone whom many of us trust implicitly.
Rene Camargo-Camargo Auctions and Liquidations
As a non-tech employee for a leading internet company, I knew how a website should interface with users. And being a 'creative', I had my own ideas on how I wanted my website to look. Don't waste your time interviewing other web design/developers. CJ knows everything there is to know and will guide and challenge you (who wants a yes-man, anyway?) to get the best website for your business, your SEO and your image. In addition, he's patient and he explains everything so you can make informed decisions along the way. What a package!
Terri Shank--Terri Shank Public Relations
CJ has great collaborative, aesthetic and technical skills that he used to easily comprehend the "big idea" of my business and to develop a beautiful and functional web site that is more colorful and dynamic than I could have imagined on my own.
Cayl Hollis-Geosthetics
I recommend CJ emphatically and unequivocally! He was an absolute pleasure to work with. Always clear, communicative, available, helpful, responsive - he made the process of creating my web presence seamless and enjoyable. CJ is very skilled at his craft. I am so pleased with the design concept he came up with for my website, and the very smooth way that he integrated all of the components I had requested. The man is a professional and a lovely person and he has my highest endorsement!
Ann Harris-Ann Harris Designs
Working with CJ was a great experience. He delivered exactly what he promised on time and for the price he quoted. CJ collaborated with me offering suggestions that made my site attractive and easy to navigate. He has been extremely responsive to all of my questions as I have learned to navigate and edit my site.
Steve Klopfer-Independence Lifestyles, LLC
CJ did an exceptional job in creating my reading solutions, and literacy websites. His conception, insight, and outstanding listening skills make him a great web designer. In addition, his creativity and understanding of a website's mission and purpose shows in the development and design. For example, in figurative language, he takes the egg and creates great website with great color and graphics including social media tools. He does a great presentation and makes the project come alive resulting in more than I requested and expected in a website design. I strongly recommend CJ for the creation and development of your website projects. He is the person to deliver your website professionally and on time.
Rose Hensle-Grow Reading Solutions, Inc
I have many "go-to" people available for IT support, but it is CJ that I feel most comfortable trusting to manage my on-line presence and communications. His technical knowledge is first-rate, his reliability is very re-assuring and his willingness to help my business succeed is evident in every interaction. My site was down briefly (my fault, not his) and he was in communication with me in minutes, before I even knew we had a problem. I recommend him without reservation for the small business person who needs a "big business" presence on-line at a reasonable cost.
Ben Barber-College Planning Partners, LLC
I highly recommend CJ as a web designer and have done so many times to others. He has a detailed and deep knowledge of web design and has created a platform that is convenient and easy to update. He also adds a personal touch and works with you to make sure you are completely satisfied. Give him a call!
Gail Golec-A Computer Tech Source
CJ is one of those highly technical people who has the ability to clearly communicate with those of us who are not highly technical. He is building my website and showing great patience, guidance and expertise along the way. He responds quickly, offers great ideas, examples and justification for his recommendations. Everything he does has my business success in mind.

I would strongly recommend CJ for your web design/hosting venture. You will soon appreciate his great sense of humor, strong business acumen and reasonable prices.
Judie Knoerle-Red Cup Learning, Inc
CJ was fantastic to work with. If you're looking for a web developer to handle the project while taking very little of your time CJ is the one. This is my 4th webiste I've had designed and by far this one actually was what I have invisioned.
Stephen Marrs-Gold Star Mortgage Financial Group
I worked with CJ to do a major update and SEO revamp of my entire business website. I was immediately impressed by his depth of knowledge of SEO and CSS, and also his ability to explain it to those of us who only have passing familiarity with the subjects. It also struck me as completely unique that he allowed me to draft the visual design of the entire site but then he translated it into a fully functional, SEO friendly website with a content management system so I can go in and make updates without having to understand all the nuts and bolts. As a fairly persnickety designer, I had a zillion changes and updates and he thoroughly responded to each one. The final result is a vast improvement over my old site, and fully ready for search engine spiders to rank it higher! For the amount of money he charges, CJ offers an outstanding value, expert knowledge, and a very friendly, non-pushy communication style. Highly recommended!
Nina Interlandi Bell-Tweedle Press
I was very impressed with CJ's user interface and can appreciate the time and energy he put into his program. He is very communicative, completely professional and super quick to get things done.
Rebecca Christy-Healing Foundations
CJ has helped us with various emarketing projects and is simply the best. We would highly recommend CJ to other business professionals looking to grow their businesses.
John M. McClintock-Branch Mgr @ Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage
CJ is a great graphic web designer to work with, he really knows his business, gives you a great deal, and gets the work done fast.
Alberto Gonzalez-AIM Realty Group Chicago
I called CJ with a hard deadline and small budget and he put together a website that I used to win a client contract. He went on to create the site, manage content and maintain the site. Our client was so happy with his work that they've decided to keep the site up and running beyond the initial contract period. Our client couldn't be happier!
Kimberly Bares-PLACE Consulting
CJ is a true professional in his field and was able to beat the expected timeline for our web project. He went beyond what was expected and is a pleasure to do business with.
Craig Piatti-InternshipDesk
CJ did a great job helping me with my website. He really listened to what I wanted and designed it to suit my needs. He's always been very responsive and quick to solve any issues or concerns. I would highly recommend CJ!
Jean Sekera-Coldwell Banker
CJ is a true professional, providing great results that are highly creative and of substantial value. He is smart and excellent to work with. Highly recommended!
Bob Koppel
I hired CJ to develop a website for a new business venture, and WOW! After getting three quotes, CJ's service was not only the least expensive, but the easiest to work with.

Over the past 5 years, I have hired a variety of web developers to create online websites for me, and to date, CJ was among the top performers.

His patience with my questions was remarkable. CJ not only did what he said he was going to do (as far as the website build), he came in ahead of our needed schedule, and worked with a sense of humor. CJ is understanding and patient, and is truly brilliant.

I highly recommend Jellinek Solutions for their integrity, top notch service, and sterling product.
Marcus Melnick-Clear Choice Memories
I highly recommend CJ for his design and web maintenance work. He created an extremely well designed site, with the constant updating so necessary in the real estate business. He is a pleasure to work with, and his rates are most reasonable.
Jeanne Braun-Coldwell Banker
CJ did a great job on my website ( and I am happy to give him a good reference. He is very responsive when it comes to making changes or updates and he always has good, cost effective solutions for what I'm looking to do...I still work with CJ and have every reason to continue to do so.
Rob Bermes-Royal Service Realty Elite Properties
I could not be happier with the level of customer service, professionalism, and expertise CJ demonstrated at every step of our project. He has a keen eye for details and worked diligently to ensure the project is exactly what I wanted.

I will definitely recommend CJ to anyone I know looking to create or redesign their website.
Major Fred Hockett-US Army Reserves
CJ is an exceptional business owner who provides excellent service at every level of client contact. From a friendly, honest demeanor to having the ability and skills to deliver outstanding work, I recommend CJ without hesitation. Please add yourself to his list of satisfied customers!
Angela Jackson PhD-Culturally Competent Consulting
I typically do not write recommendations but CJ is special. As founder of The Men's Club, I have been working with CJ for almost two years. I find him to be the consummate professional. He has managed our website since our inception in 2009. JellyNeck Solution's customer service is impeccable; it seems they are always available to assist or answer any questions that may arise. Additionally, the reliability of the website being up and fully functioning has been perfect. Lastly, if you have any questions about CJ and JellyNeck Solutions please reach out to me. It would be my pleasure to discuss. I am a demanding customer that is extremely satisfied.
Arnie Becker-CEO, The Men's Club
CJ has been nothing short of amazing when it comes to our website design. An industry like theatre is constantly evolving and updates to the website are essential to the success of a company. CJ has always been creative in finding solutions to keep our content fresh and dynamic, and prompt in his execution of the solutions. I strongly believe that the decisions he has made contribute to the continued success of Appetite Theatre Company.
Darcy Elora Hofer-Appetite Theatre Company
CJ did everything he promised and more in building my business web site. He has been there every step of the way for follow up and improvements to my site. I highly recommend CJ as an expert in the field of web design.
Matt Shrake-Coldwell Banker
As a web developer, CJ Jelinek is top notch! We have worked with him on several occasions and seen his work involving other businesses and have always been impressed. Not only that, we have been able to foster important business relationships though CJ, and he has been vital in maintaining those relationships. In providing such assistance, he has helped us to build our portfolio. CJ, with his friendly demeanor and great business ethic, continues to be an asset to our business and to the business community, in general.
Noah Helfand-Noble Merchant Solutions
I worked with CJ to completely redesign one of my companies' websites, and am extremely happy with the results. CJ's level of expertise was greatly appreciated, as well as his ability to communicate with both highly technical members of my team, as well as in plain English with those not so tech savvy members. We only gave him some basic information of what we thought we wanted, and with his creativity, he provided a final product that everyone liked (no small feat). I look forward to working with CJ on several more projects that my companies have in the pipe, and would definitely recommend him to anyone.
Paul Kuczmierczyk-KPM Quality Services
CJ created our web site for us. He was suprisingly fast, reasonably priced and very easy to work with. CJ is also very knowledgeable about what he is doing and had good suggestions for us. We will soon be modifying some of our other web sites and will use CJ for these also.
Gary Peterson-Peterson Appraisal Group
CJ did a wonderful job creating a customized website for my business. He took my thoughts and ideas into consideration to create a final product I am very proud of. He is easy to communicate with and responds to questions in a timely manner. I highly recommend CJ and his work.
Emily LeMire
As we wrap up the final details of our project, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the outstanding service you provided in updating my existing website and enabling me to make changes myself. Your prompt communication and outstanding professionalism was evident from the beginning, and I was especially appreciative of the patience shown me (as a.non-tech-savvy person) as we worked through the details and changes. It has not even been 24 hours since I contacted you and everything I asked for is done! I look forward to working with you again soon, as I have every confidence in your expertise and work ethic. You have far exceeded my expectations and I would gladly recommend your services to anyone.
Kim Sopata
I want to thank CJ for helping me transition my old Website onto the Jellyneck Solutions platform. Previously having a Website from which I was unable to make any of my own changes, I am absolutely thrilled with the ease and flexibility of the Website CJ created for me.

From day one and throughout the entire project, CJ was the consummate professional, responding promptly (sometimes within minutes!) to all of my phone calls and emails and updates. Each step of the way, CJ guided me through the process, clearly explaining the different features I could choose from and the decisions I needed to make based on my needs. When completed, CJ took the time to train me and fully explain how to use all of my new editing features.

CJ is also unique in his ability to equally navigate both the technical and creative aspects of developing a Website. In fact, I was so pleased with CJ's creative abilities that he later went on to design some great marketing pieces for me.

I have recommended and referred CJ many times to close associates and other business contacts and will continue to do so! Thanks CJ.
Mary Peyovich-Integrative Therapeutic Massage
I wanted to thank you for doing such a great job on my website. It is so simple to use and update. I am so pleased with your services I tell everyone I know about you.

Thanks Again!
Kristi Kowalczuk-ROMA Waterproofing
Ive have used several website companies in the past. I will only use Jellyneck Solutions going forward. It all starts with usability.. I wanted something that I could update on my own that was easy. The dashboard puts everything at my fingertips. I'm in control. No more lag time or back and forth e-mails to update my site. Jellyneck included everything I wanted in record time. My site was up and running in days, not weeks. I asked for a blog. I got a blog. I asked for a call to action that captures new visitor info. I got it. The responsiveness of CJ reflects in his website. If I had an issue it was addressed immediately. If I had questions he provided solutions. The best part is it was completely affordable! In growing a business you need a team to help you get there. Jellyneck Solutions is part of the team at Experience Chiropractic.
Dr. David Warman D.C.-Owner, Experience Chiropractic
I would highly recommend CJ to anyone seeking to expand his or her professional image and branding with a first class designer.

CJ is very attentive and responsive to the individuality of each of his clients. He is very original and creative. There is no "one size fits all." His patience and willingness to listen to client ideas and input, and to answer questions is quite exceptional and extremely reassuring at all stages of the process. No question or project is too small. CJ will take whatever time is necessary to make you, the client, happy and satisfied. As if this were not enough, his rates are very reasonable.
Elizabeth Ballis-Coldwell Banker
I recently hired CJ Jelinek to create a customized, personal website for my residential real estate services. At our first meeting, CJ came prepared with some great ideas - and was able to help me focus on the important items you need in a website by looking at the other Web pages he has created for his clients.

At the end of our first meeting, CJ had enough information to create a "mock" home page within one business day! He customized everything down to the smallest detail (even the type fonts!) He was also able to create a moving image with photos and my tagline on my home page which gave it visual interest.

My new website was up & running within 2 weeks and didn't even require a training session for me to add information about my new listings. His sites are extremely user-friendly, update quickly, and even offer a "Client Login" feature which allows my sellers to login and view activity and feedback on their property.

He offers all this, plus annual site hosting, for a very reasonable fee. His attention to detail, quick turnaround, availability and professional result are unmatched. My clients love the new website and I highly recommend CJ to anyone needing a professional, easy-to-use site.
Helen Milgrom-Coldwell Banker
I came to CJ after two attempts at getting the 'perfect' website. I should have used him right away. He is a true professional, he explains things well, understands how to make a website user friendly and his prices are better than both of the other web designers I went to. I will recommend CJ to everyone because he is terrific!
Alley Ballard-Coldwell Banker
CJ has been more than patient with me and the design of my website. I've had many questions and made quite a few changes and he was always very helpful and accommodating. I was very intimidated with this whole process but CJ made it easy and simple. His professionalism and knowledge of websites as well as what's needed for a real estate website has helped make my website something that I'm very proud to have. I did a lot of research and checked out many different website companies and they all seemed to be rather generic. I liked that CJ allowed it to be more custom designed with more of my style. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Thank you for all your hard work!
Jean Sekera-Coldwell Banker
The Dorger McCarthy group has recently gone live with our website and could not be happier with the finished product. We have you to thank on many levels of the process.

It goes without saying that your patience with us during this project is commendable. Your responsiveness was always at lightning speed and your explanations always crystal clear. You have a great way about you in that you made sure that we both understood our options in making decisions, yet, at the end of the day, you allowed us to have our own ideas with the site, but always made sure we understood the impact it would have on the finished product.

The feedback that we have received from the site has exceeded our expectations and has reinforced for us the value of having a website with the content and functionality you have provided. You offer a great product, and coupled with your high level of customer service, there is no doubt, you provide one of the best real estate site products out there. We are very happy to have partnered with you and look forward to sharing your name with others considering a site of their own.

Julie Dorger and Sara McCarthy
Julie Dorger and Sara McCarthy-The Dorger McCarthy Group
CJ has been invaluable in helping our company build an online home. Not only did he work with our designer to make our concepts and images translate beautifully, but he also took particular care in making sure that an individual experiences the website with ease, a huge priority. Also, CJ has made himself available to us for further advancement of the website; his follow-up capability and genuine interest in his clients are both rare (in any industry) and completely invaluable. We are totally indebted to him for his work and his care!
Lauren Golanty-Appetite Theatre
It is with great pleasure that I recommend Charles Jelinek. Charles photographed several of our properties for our website. We are a real estate development firm located in Chicago, Illinois. Charles is responsible, efficient, timely and dependable but also an absolute pleasure to be around. The creativity, enthusiasm and professionalism that he displayed were tremendous.
Randi Siegal-The Brixton Group
I wanted to write to tell you how happy I am with the work you did developing my web site. The process was just as you described it at our initial meeting, and the results even better than I imagined. Despite my not having adequate words to describe the look I hoped for in the web site, you came up with a design that suited me perfectly. You were also able to program in a unique element within the site that works exactly as I imagined it.

I have received many compliments about my web site, and my clients love their private access to information about the sale of their properties. I really feel that your work has helped me take an important step in my business.

I recommend that anyone seeking the development of a comprehensive web site use your services. You listened to what I needed and then delivered a well designed product that works flawlessly. You also provided the training necessary to make updating our site a simple matter.

Anne Laughlin-Author
It is with tremendous gratitude that I pose this letter.

The web-site you have created for us, start to finish, has met and far exceeded the expectations we had when we set forth on this project some months ago.

Your creative artistry and attention to detail has produced a magnificent new tool for us to use in marketing our products. Thank you does not seem to be enough.

We appreciate the prompt manner in which you have handled our account; you have always made us feel like our business was important to you.

We sincerely thank you for putting up with the constant changes, updates and questions we seemed to bombard you with. You have been most gracious while dealing with a company that is for the most part "clueless" to the internet and its capabilities. Without your experience and suggestions, I am confident our site would be a much lesser quality than it is.

Please feel free to use our site as a reference for prospective customers. I have highly recommended your company to several business associates, and invite you to use our company as a professional reference.
Karin Walczak-Owner, Wing and a Prayer
CJ Jelinek's commitment to customer service is a model for all professionals, especially real estate agents and brokers. CJ's responsiveness and dedication to his clients, not to mention his cutting-edge technologies and constant innovation, make him an invaluable addition to any team.

What impressed us most during the development of our site was CJ's seemingly unending patience, as the vision for our site evolved. Changes were greeted with enthusiasm and support, no matter how much work was involved. His commitment to stick with us until even the smallest details were addressed is a big reason we are so proud of the site we have today.

Since the launch of our site, we have continued to be impressed with the level of service we receive. CJ is not only available whenever we need him, but he is also pro-actively developing new features and technologies that help us serve our clients better.

We cannot thank CJ enough for his tireless efforts, and we would be happy to speak with you personally if you would like further information about our experience.

Djordje "George" Citovic & Trudy Van Dusen
Djordje "George" Citovic & Trudy Van Dusen
I want to take this opportunity to thank CJ for the design and delivery of my website. As a real estate professional in a competitive market, an on-line presence is critical. I was looking to build a website from scratch that serves as an on-line resume as well as a "true" advertising portal which I feel we accomplished. CJ helped me to create a foundation that meshed with who I am. Once established, he worked patiently to help me develop a site that is both informative and that allows for easy navigation for the end-user. CJ was always available to answer the numerous questions I threw at him during the construction phase.
Ryan Gorman